Digital 333 Mar. 2014 – Current

Digital Marketing Agency

Chief Technology/Marketing Officer

Recruited to lead the digital team that is Digital 333 while bridging the gaps between traditional marketing, digital marketing & digital development.

  • 24 years’ experience in all facets of Digital Marketing, including video production, web design & development, graphic design, SEO, SEM, SMM, HTML, CSS.
  • Forward thinker and technically innovative. Offering digital design & development, web design & development, graphic-design, videographer, photographer, commercial production, branding, Trademarks, Copyrights & patents.
  • Highly sophisticated Branding acumen with deep insight in consumer behavior and psychology.
  • Analytical and highly detail oriented with a passion for gathering information and analytics, that drive results.
  • Experienced strategist, skilled at identifying clear objectives and developing a precise plan to attainable results.
  • Quickly identify weaknesses while forging a strong marketing strategy and brand presence.


LFC Communications, Inc., Mar. 2016 – Oct. 2018

International Advertising and Marketing company.  

Title: Chief Marketing Officer/Director of Advertising & PR

Recruited to lead the marketing/advertising/branding/public relations of LFC as well as partner companies. Create detailed media campaigns, managed million-dollar budget campaigns for clients; charged with creating growth, brought in house digital marketing to company, website development (from start to finish), expand market share, identify target markets, create new business plans for new ventures, handle company trademarks and infringements.

  • Created in house production department for digital media.
  • Created all social media accounts and gained several thousand followers in weeks.
  • Create and manage media campaigns from start to finish, managing several hundred thousand-dollar budgets.
  • Create digital/print media.
  • Create websites for clients daily.
  • Manage graphic designer and successfully taught him to utilize the adobe suite and create digital media videos.
  • Create and implemented new procedures to streamline processes and create a cohesive professional product.
  • Disseminated messages via press, media, news stations and press releases.
  • Create new company from start to finish, logo, business plan, branding, projections, etc.


C3 Lighting, Inc., Feb. 2015 – Mar. 2016

Technology Industry/LED/Biochemistry company.

Title: VP of Marketing

Recruited to lead the marketing efforts for the company; charged with creating growth, expanding market segmentation, driving sales, improving innovation, identifying target markets, disseminating product lines and ultimately, building the brand.

  • Created eight separate product lines specific to individual applications. Developed target buying cycle to create success roadmap.
  • Redeveloped global website increasing traffic by 500% to key industry sections.
  • Redeveloped brand identity via logo, website, digital media and product offerings. Conceived integrated strategic marketing plan.
  • Disseminate product lines through digital media, news releases, email campaigns, social media and industry articles.
  • Created digital media, website, brochures, marketing collateral, news releases, articles and technical literature for all product lines.
  • Work with sales team to maximize and meet sales goals.
  • Led 12-person team developing national sales show strategy and presence for event with over 50,000 attendees.


GK Skaggs, Inc., Aug. 2014 – Feb. 2015

A 30-year-old international branding company.

Title: Director of Marketing

Recruited to lead the launch and implementation of a worldwide brand campaign for one of the largest brands in the world.  Increase brand awareness throughout America through public relations with government and city officials, event hosting, sponsorships, press releases, professional articles and product placement. Drive integration of product; to develop a comprehensive marketing plan and research strategy that effectively positions the brand, builds reputation and drives success.

  • Led global strategy; developed integrated marketing plans.
  • Revised global visual communications, ad campaigns and slogans for target market.
  • Enhanced brand statement by developing a target message map that clarified the brand’s identity.
  • Led implementation brand launch encompassing TV, print, radio, email campaigns, PR, events, collateral and sponsorships. Exceeded goals for increasing brand awareness and image. • Created new brands from start to finish for large retail chains including Albertsons, Gilson’s, Aldi and Trader Joe’s.
  • Planned, hosted and sponsored large scale events to drive brand awareness and message.
  • Created comprehensive year end presentations and marketing plans for brands.
  • Maintained adherence to strict ABC laws and regulations.
  • Managed public relations efforts including news releases and sponsorships.


Omxie Corporation, Apr. 2011 – Nov. 2013

Design/Build technology company.  

Title: Brand Manager

Recruited to lead the branding for the company; charged with creating growth, developing business practices, overseeing day-to-day company management and developing custom technologies. 

  • Worked with engineers to develop custom technologies for unique market segment.
  • Analyze market, competitor and consumer information to create strategic marketing plan.
  • Disseminate product lines through news releases, email campaigns and social media.
  • Created marketing collateral and technical literature.
  • Maintained distributor and retail relationships.


Noel & Associates, Inc., Jan. 2007 – Apr. 2011

Real estate valuation company.

Title: Director of Marketing 

  • Led marketing strategy; developed comprehensive marketing initiatives.
  • Created marketing collateral.
  • Created online presence via website.
  • Led implementation of marketing practices.
  • Oversaw day-to-day business practices and maintain business standards.


Belkin International, Jan. 2005 – Jan. 2007 Technology company.

Title: Marketing Manager/New Product Development

Recruited to work in the product development business unit as the key contact for new product inventions.  Worked with product development and marketing teams to conduct consumer focus groups and marketing studies to devise product placement roadmaps.

  • Created, maintained and systematically disseminated complex sales and marketing reports.
  • Key contact for new product inventions; oversaw initial product invention protocol.
  • Attended and worked national trade shows.
  • Worked with marketing team to develop and conduct focus consumer focus groups.
  • Worked with marketing team on product placement for retail displays.


Waddell & Reed, Inc., Jun. 2002 – Dec. 2004

Morgan Stanley, Aug. 2000 – Jun. 2002

Owens Corning, Jan. 1998 – Aug. 2000



International Sports Science Association – Certified Fitness Trainer 2010-2021

Certified Optician California – 1998

California Realtor License – #01422314 – 2004 -2008

California M1 License – 2020 -2023

California Notary Public – 2003