The key to social media marketing.

An image is worth a thousand words and that is true in the case of social media marketing. However, the key to social media marketing is complex depending on the goal at hand. In the case of products and services the goal is typically to drive traffic and awareness toward your product or service. The great thing about social platforms is they provide a historical reference of your marketing efforts, providing years of marketing and advertising for a product. It is important to be thoughtful in your layout and build a visually appealing page and posts that tell a story.

If I had to choose one more key, I would say consistency is key when growing a social account. Posting at the same time every day and maintaining the same visual presence is important. Always Involve the audience; posing a question is a great way to start every post. Authenticity should always shine through and focus on the value you are offering.

Below is a list of key aspects of creating a great social page.


Visual Presence

Visual Continuity

Visual page-appeal rather than post-appeal

Great image

Engaging first sentence


Have a cause

Interact with other posts & pages

Telling a story


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